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Frequently Asked Questions

What is depth first search or DFS for a graph?

Depth First Search or DFS for a Graph. If we don’t mark visited vertices, then 2 will be processed again and it will become a non-terminating process. A Depth First Traversal of the following graph is 2, 0, 1, 3. See this post for all applications of Depth First Traversal. Following are implementations of simple Depth First Traversal.

How to get the number of vertices of a graph using DFS?

Your task is to complete the function dfsOfGraph () which takes the integer V denoting the number of vertices and adjacency list as input parameters and returns a list containing the DFS traversal of the graph starting from the 0th vertex from left to right according to the graph.

What is the time complexity of DFS for graph?

// A graph is an array of adjacency lists. // Add an edge from src to dest. Time complexity of above solution is O (V + E) as it does simple DFS for given graph. This can be solved using Disjoint Set Union with a time complexity of O (N).

How to do complete DFS traversal of a graph in Python?

To do complete DFS traversal of such graphs, we must call DFSUtil () for every vertex. Also, before calling DFSUtil (), we should check if it is already printed by some other call of DFSUtil (). Following implementation does the complete graph traversal even if the nodes are unreachable.

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