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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Greek god of Mount Olympus?

If equated with the modern day Mount Olympus found on the border of Thessaly, then the mountain itself had a god, an Ourea, associated with it, but in Greek mythology it is of course most famous for being the home of the Greek gods.

How was Mount Olympus created in Greek mythology?

Home to many of the gods in Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was created after the war between the Olympians and the Titans. This war finally ended after ten years and saw Zeus and his fellow Olympians victorious. Mount Olympus is often described as containing a fabulous palace made of marble and gold.

Is Mount Olympus a real mountain?

Mount Olympus was one of the most important locations in ancient Greek mythology, the formal home of all the gods. It's also an actual mountain, the tallest in Greece in fact. So, you can visit it, climb it, and take in one heck of a view.

Why is Olympus the home of the 12 Greek gods?

Due to its majesty, remoteness, and beauty, it was only natural for the Ancient Greeks to believe that it is also the home of their most important gods since very early times. It was from Olympus that the twelve principal gods – fittingly referred to as the Olympians – presided over the world.

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