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Frequently Asked Questions

What GTI can do for You?

GTI provides access to facilities, hardware, and support services that can put you on the fast track to developing new energy and environmental technology. We are available to work confidentially with private industry partners to help you address technical challenges and hurdles.

What does GTI mean on a car?

Nope, “GT” simply means “Grand Touring” or “Gran Turismo.” In Italian, the term “Gran Turismo” refers to cars that can make long-distance “Grand Tours” in comfort and style. Many modern GTs have body kits, like ground effects or spoilers, or even an extra set of headlights that did not come from the factory on the base model.

What does GTI stand for on the Volkswagen Golf?

GTI Stands for Top Performance Power in the Volkswagen Golf GTI. ... There is some debate about the exact wording used to create the GTI acronym, but in the automotive world, GTI usually stands for something along the lines of Grand Touring Injection, Gran Turismo Iniezione or some other variation of the term.

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