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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does GuideStar cost?

At the sole discretion of Guidestar Forms, a one-time fee may be charged for significant changes to forms. The one-time setup fee for custom additional forms is $200. At the sole discretion of Guidestar Forms, the setup fee may be waived for simple forms.

What is a Guidestar nonprofit profile?

A GuideStar Nonprofit Profile is a web page displaying information on a single nonprofit organization. The data GuideStar has on nonprofits comes from the IRS Business Master File, IRS Forms 990/990EZ/990PF and from the nonprofits themselves. GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles are created using basic IRS information.

What does GuideStar do?

GuideStar also serves to verify that a recipient organization is established and that donated funds go where the donor intended for individuals looking to give in the wake of disasters.

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