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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Market Theater gum wall in Seattle?

The Market Theater Gum Wall is a brick wall covered in used chewing gum located in an alleyway in Post Alley under Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle. Much like Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California, the Market Theater Gum Wall is a local landmark. Parts of the wall are covered several inches thick, 15 feet high for 50 feet.

What happened to the gum in Pike Place Market?

The landlord – Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) – was offended that theatergoers would deface the historic brick building and asked Unexpected Productions to remove the gum. The gum quickly returned, and the PDA asked that the wall be again be scraped clean.

How do you get to the gum wall in Seattle?

Head down a ramp (look for the Market Theater sign) to the left of the main entrance (marked by a large neon "Public Market" sign) to Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. At the bottom of the ramp, veer left into Post Alley and the Gum Wall will appear on both sides.

Where is the gum wall located?

The Gum Wall is located just below Pike Market, on Post Alley. By Sylvia DrSoul Fernandez “ Very curious, cute and nice looking!

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