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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Gumroad app for Android?

Gumroad, the most powerful platform for enabling creators to sell directly to their audiences, now has an Android app! With it, you can easily read, listen to, or watch all of the products you buy via Gumroad on your Android devices. Your library of videos, music, books, and more is now with you everywhere you go.

Why work with Gumroad?

You really feel Gumroad's involvement with the internet community and their responsiveness to issues is unparalleled." "Gumroad has been essential to my journey as an entrepreneur. It has streamlined so many of the day-to-day operations, freeing me up to focus on creating content for our wonderful community."

How do I track sales on Gumroad (pre-fees)?

In real time, you can track your daily, monthly, and all-time sales on Gumroad (pre-fees). Allow for push notifications and you’ll be alerted when you make a sale. ▸ Open the app and allow push notifications. ▸ Log in to your Gumroad account. ▸ Enjoy watching the sales roll in, wherever you are.

How much money do Gumroad creators make?

Since 2011, our 90,308 creators have earned over $468,895,137. Just last week 8,830 creators from 120 different countries earned $2,812,656. "Gumroad has allowed me to make a real living selling my products, but more than that, they're heavily involved in the creator's success.

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