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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Gumroad developer?

Sahil Lavingia built the first iteration of Gumroad in a single weekend, in 2011. Lavingia, previously the first designer hired at Pinterest and the designer of the app, was 19 years old at the time.

What happened to Gumroad?

Within three years Gumroad had to lay-off most of its staff to stay afloat. Creators such as authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and software developers use Gumroad to sell products directly to consumers, mostly digital content like albums, comics, ebooks, films, games, music, or tutorials.

What can I do with Gumroad?

Access your workout plan from the gym or stream a film on your bus ride. Keep it on hand or connect via AirPlay to go big on your home theater. ▸ Purchase Gumroad products from your favorite creators anywhere online.

Is there a Gumroad app for iPhone?

Gumroad, the most powerful platform for enabling creators to sell directly to their audiences, now has an app! With it, you can easily read, listen to, or watch all of the products you buy via Gumroad on your iPhone. Your library of videos, music, books, and more is now with you everywhere you go.

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