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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gumroad and how does it work?

Check Out Gumroad! Gumroad was created in 2011 and was the beginner shopping cart many internet marketers, like Pat Flynn, used to grow their business. Since the company launch and word of mouth marketing thousands of bloggers, authors, and expert creators have been using Gumroad to host and sell their products.

Are there any Gumroad creators who have made it big?

There are atleast 10 other creators I know who are making it big on Gumroad. to name a few. Most importantly the CEO of Gumroad Sahil Lavingia is known for transparency with the business on twitter. I suggest follow him on Twitter for a week & take a call.

What is the Gumroad fee structure?

Gumroad is made for artists and creators who do not want a limited kind of service from their selling platform. Usually, you can display your services in online market places, but you have too much competition, and the typical transaction fee is 20%. In Gumroad, the highest you pay is 8.5%.

Is there a contact information for Gumroad?

There's no contact information for GumRoad in the email confirmation I received. There's no contact info on GumRoad's website. And the phone number provided on my credit card statement for GumRoad is an automated service that says email is a website not an email address.

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