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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my username on Gumroad?

Your username on Gumroad is used for your creator profile. Your creator profile is where your products for sale appear. On your profile, you can also: Change your background color or upload an image (or video) to your background

What is the Gumroad support email?

This is the email address you use to log in to Gumroad. It also receives sales notifications as well as receipts from any Gumroad products you buy. Your support email is the email address that will be displayed on your customers' receipts. If entered, your customers’ replies will go to this email instead of the one above.

How do I enter my billing information on Gumroad?

Enter your tax ID. This will show up in your customers' receipts. If you have purchased a product on Gumroad in the past and selected the Keep on file box on your payment card, then your billing information will appear here. You can change your payment information at any time.

How do I track sales on Gumroad (pre-fees)?

In real time, you can track your daily, monthly, and all-time sales on Gumroad (pre-fees). Allow for push notifications and you’ll be alerted when you make a sale. ▸ Open the app and allow push notifications. ▸ Log in to your Gumroad account. ▸ Enjoy watching the sales roll in, wherever you are.

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