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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bre**RTON available on Booth and Gumroad?

ブレ〇―トンBooth・Gumroadで販売開始いたしました! Bre**rton is now on sale on Booth and Gumroad! This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more

When will the censored illustration of the R18 version be released?

● The censored illustration of the R18 version will be released to the public in 10 days. (on PIXIV, Twitter.) ● The original version is exclusive to subscribers for 10 days. ● The last month's reward will be uploaded to Gumroad.

Is super spy Lunak available on Gumroad?

Hello, my foreign readers, my new comic "Super Spy Lunak" is currently available subscribe on Gumroad . You can see the preview and introduction on gumroad~ If you are interested, welcome to support my work on @ Gumroad

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