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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gumroad and how does it work?

Although Gumroad was made primarily for artists and those who sell digital products, you can also sell physical goods here. The thing is that on this platform, you can sell anything that you created. So if you are a woodworker, a craftsman, or a painter, you can post your items for sale on Gumroad.

What is the Gumroad fee structure?

Gumroad is made for artists and creators who do not want a limited kind of service from their selling platform. Usually, you can display your services in online market places, but you have too much competition, and the typical transaction fee is 20%. In Gumroad, the highest you pay is 8.5%.

What types of content can I Sell on Gumroad?

Creators of all types, such as authors, comedians, designers, filmmakers, musicians, and software developers, use Gumroad to sell products directly to consumers, mostly digital content like albums, comics, ebooks, films, games, music, or tutorials.

What makes Gumroad a great choice for online courses?

Since Gumroad is focused on digital goods and products, a feature such as this is a great way to attract customers. The files can be accessed anytime, to be used at the customer’s convenience. This is great for online courses since most people typically only study during their break time.

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