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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gumroad charge VAT on digital items sold?

If your product is sold to a customer in the E.U., Gumroad does charge and remit VAT on digital items sold, because we are technically the seller on record. You are not responsible for it. One more time for the people in the back: You. Are. Not. Responsible.

How does Gumroad operate legally?

You can direct them to our Term of Service for a better understanding of how we operate legally. Gumroad is generally the seller of record on all sales made to your customers. That means that we are generally required to charge and remit sales tax, and you are not responsible for it.

How much can I invest on Gumroad?

In order to promote a diversity of investors, Gumroad has capped total investments from individuals at $1,000 for the first few days. I am excited that these actions further speed money velocity and allow more people on both the entrepreneurial and investment side of the ecosystem to participate.

What are the changes to the EU VAT regulations in 2015?

In 2015, the EU made a major change to its VAT regulations that require businesses to pay VAT according to the locations of consumers. This was meant mainly for large companies that have been avoiding higher taxes by establishing presences in places with lower VAT.

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