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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GunBroker a good site?

GunBroker is the largest online gun broker in the world. In short, it’s the eBay of weapons. And while it’s a great place to buy and sell weapons, it’s not GunBroker selling, they’re just a platform on which the bidding occurs.

Is it legal to buy a handgun online?

Contrary to the belief of many, it is legal to buy firearms online. But more importantly, buying a firearm from a dealer online requires a background check for the purchase. An online gun purchase does not ship to the buyer’s home, instead it must go through a “FFL” – or, a “Federal Firearms License” dealer.

Can you buy firearms online?

There are three basic ways online sales can go down: 1) First, if you try to buy a firearm over the Internet from one of the nation's 130,000 or so* federal firearms license holders, then you have to go through a background check, period. They'll ship the gun to your nearest licensed dealer. There's no loophole there.

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