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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Gunsmoke The longest running TV show?

Premiering on CBS in September 1955 and completing its network run September 1975, Gunsmoke is the longest running dramatic series in the history of television. Two of its stars, James Arness and Milburn Stone, remained all 20 seasons, with Amanda Blake a close second, departing after 19 years.

Why did Amanda Blake quit Gunsmoke?

Why did Amanda Blake leave ‘Gunsmoke’? Eventually, she quit the show because she was sick of traveling. She lived in Phoenix but traveled to Hollywood to film the show. In her personal life, she was married briefly to Don Whitman in the ‘50s.

How many times was mat Dillon shot on Gunsmoke?

What they came up with was that Matt was actually shot 59 times and 1 time with an arrow for a total of 60 wounds. We just noted their total figures on the TV Land board as I recall.

What kind of horse did Matt Dillon ride in Gunsmoke?

Matt Dillon (James Arness) rode a horse named Buck in Gunsmoke. Buck was most likely a quarterhorse.

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