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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cut your own hair?

How to cut your own hair into a bob or lob. Start by pulling your hair into a clean and neat ponytail at the back of your head, it needs to sit as tight as you can get it at the bottom of your hair line, right in the centre. Take your hairdressing scissors and cut straight across your ponytail, underneath the bobble.

What is a layered haircut?

A layered haircut is a hair style in which hair is cut into a number of layers, the top layers being cut shorter than the layers beneath. Layered haircuts are popular because they give the hair more body and structure, and are much easier to maintain than one-length haircuts.

What is hair cutting?

(plural haircuts) The act of cutting of the hair, often done professionally by a barber, hair stylist, or beautician. The way hair is cut. (law) In a bankruptcy proceeding, the proportional reduction in the debt that will be paid to each creditor, based on an evaluation of the total debt owed and the total assets of the debtor.

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