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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get a good haircut near me?

Best Places To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me. 1 Barber Shops. There is always a cheap barber shop near you. While we think all guys should get their haircuts at good barber shops, the quality of ... 2 Beauty and Cosmetology Schools. 3 Hair Salon Chains. 4 Work-At-Home Barbers. 5 Cutting Your Own Hair. More items

How do I find a good hair salon in my area?

Find A Hair Salon In Your Area. Search for Supercuts hair salons near you or browse our salon directory. Get salon prices, coupons, hours and more. For haircuts in your area, check in at a Supercuts today.

What are the Best Hair Salon franchises to get cheap haircuts?

Hair salon chains like Fantastic Sams, Great Clips, Supercuts, and Sport Clips may be another way to save money on haircuts. How much value these discount haircut franchises provide really depends on your city and how much you are currently spending on your cuts.

Where is the best place to get a haircut in Pasadena?

Tangles Hair Salon has been operating in Pasadena, California for over 14 years. Their staff of senior stylists are trained in all forms of hair crafting and styling. They are highly creative and enthusiastic about their trade, and they were featured on the premiere episode of TLC’s “Real Simple Real Life”.

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