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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have a FFL to sell ammunition?

The term FFL is used to describe a Federal Firearms License. We are often asked whether a person needs an FFL to sell a gun. The answer is, “typically, yes.” Generally, an FFL is necessary for people to sell firearms. However, there are exceptions.

What does FFL stand for?

Well, FFL stands for Federal Firearms License. Established to implement the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, there are several types of FFLs, ranging from Type 1 to Type 11.

How to get your own FFL license?

How to Get an FFL License [2021] Step-by-step Guide Ensure You Meet FFL Requirements. If you can possess a firearm and are at least 21 years old, then you can get an FFL from the ATF. ... Choose Your FFL License Type. The type of FFL you get depends on what you intend to do with it. ... Take An Online FFL License Course. ... Apply for Federal Firearm License. ...

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