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Frequently Asked Questions

What guns are illegal in NJ?

New Jersey generally prohibits carry firearms in vehicles without a permit. People without permits may only carry a firearm if it is unloaded and either secured in a locked container or locked in the trunk. It is illegal to carry a loaded long gun in a vehicle.

Are stun guns legal in New Jersey?

Update: Stun Guns Are Now Legal In New Jersey While most states allow the use of stun guns for a person’s safety there are a handful of states that do not permit them. The short answer to finding out whether or not stun guns are legal in New Jersey is that they are not.

What are the gun laws in New Jersey?

New Jersey gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the United States. It is a “May Issue” state so a person must demonstrate a justifiable need to carry a firearm. In reality it acts more like a “No Issue” state for regular citizens as permits are very difficult to obtain. Some of these restrictive laws are being tested in the courts.

Are paintball guns legal in NJ?

Paintball Gun – A paintball gun is not considered a “firearm” under New Jersey law, but it is still considered a “weapon” because it is capable of serious bodily injury under statute 2C:39-1.

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