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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to recover a hard drive?

Thus, if the lost data less than 2GB, you can recover hard drive data for free. If the data is more than 2GB, you need to spend at least $69.95 to get back lost data. The other thing that determines how much you spend is the type of problem you encounter.

What is the best hard drive recovery?

Disk Drill is one of the best recovery software applications for hard drive-related data loss because it masterfully combines usability with performance, delivering a solution that can reliably satisfy the needs of beginners and pros alike. Free trial Windows macOS iOS

How do I recover a dead hard drive?

Step 1: Download Remo Recover, install it on system and run it. Select “Recover Drives” from the main window. Figure 1: Main Screen. Step 2: Click on “Partition Recovery” to recover data. Figure 2: Partition Recovery. Step 3: Select dead hard drive and click on “Next”.

What to do when your hard drive fails?

Leave the hard drive in the freezer for 12 hours at least. Once very chilled, install the hard drive in your computer and start pulling off data. Begin with the most valuable data. At some point, the hard drive will fail again.

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