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Why are there more people off the sidelines?

Reduced savings and a rising share of household debt relative to income may bring more workers off the sidelines, especially given the expiration of many federal support programs, including enhanced unemployment benefits and more recently the beefed-up child tax credit, which Congress hasn’t extended.

What are the red lines in the Manchin Bill?

Manchin’s red lines leave Democrats with difficult questions about other provisions like expanded Medicare benefits for hearing aids and affordable housing credits, which have strong support among core party constituencies. His preferred revenue raisers, like a higher corporate tax rate, may clash with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz.

Is the New York Times liable for Sarah Palin?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sarah Palin and the New York Times are set to face off in a New York courtroom on Monday at a trial in which the 2008 Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor seeks to hold the newspaper liable for defamation.

How many times has Youngkin been asked to headline Republican fundraisers?

Youngkin has received at least two dozen requests to headline GOP fundraisers in other states, including two from New Hampshire, according to an adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal strategy. He has so far turned them down, the adviser said.

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