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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose weight by fasting one day a week?

Fasting one day a week really CAN help you lose weight! So, yes, fasting one day a week looks like it WILL help you lose the weight but you have to make sure not to only rely on this quick fix to reach your weight loss goals. Instead, eat healthier, exercise and maybe incorporate a day of fasting once in a while.

What happens to the body after 40 days of fasting?

By the 12 th day, the lymphatic system and blood vessels are cleansed. If you want to cleanse the skeletal system, you will have to give up food 21 days. The nervous system can be regenerated after 36 days of water fasting. And only by the 40 th Day, the body will be fully cleansed and regenerated.

What should I eat after a day of fasting?

Starting on the second day after a fast, incorporate soft-cooked foods, such as well-cooked vegetables, into your diet. However, do not include meat yet, even if it's well-cooked. You can however, include cultured foods, such as yogurt. Choose one with probiotics, bacteria that are good for your intestinal flora.

How long should you fast for maximum benefits?

Looser guidelines suggest that up to 10 days is ok for the partial fasts that include some nutrition. For water fasts, however, you should have supervision before attempting a fast longer than 3 days due to rare problems that can occur. See the water fasting page for the particulars on water fasts.

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