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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HealthGrades rating?

Hospital Awards & Ratings Healthgrades evaluates hospital quality for conditions and procedures based solely on clinical outcomes to help consumers understand, compare and evaluate hospital performance.

How does uhealthgrades help hospitals?

Healthgrades helps hospitals promote what they’re doing right, measure clinical trends, and work to continuously improve patient care and outcomes. We work with hospitals across the quality spectrum to explain the “why” behind a hospital’s performance. Achieving the best possible outcomes requires a true partnership.

Are there any hospitals that are featured by HealthGrades?

Patient satisfaction ratings (2019 data) are featured by HealthGrades. One hospital at time, unfortunately. No longer Editor’s Pick, since HealthGrades removed the 3-year patient volume, and actual mortality or complication rates compared to predicted.

What does HealthGrades’ new category for Surgical Care Excellence mean?

In the new category of surgical care excellence, 150 recipients were acknowledged and represent the top 10% of hospitals in the nation, according to Healthgrades. (Getty/PraewBlackWhile) Healthgrades released its annual 2022 hospital ratings and specialty excellence awards, recognizing performance in more than a dozen specialty areas.

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