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Frequently Asked Questions

What does The HealthGrades website show?

Mostly, the site shows which ratings awards were given to the hospital by HealthGrades – a fee likely was required for publicizing the award.

Who owns HealthGrades?

Healthgrades has amassed information on over 3 million U.S. health care providers. The company was founded by Kerry Hicks and is based in Denver, Colorado. Rob Draughon serves as the company's CEO. According to USA Today, Healthgrades is the first comprehensive physician rating and comparison database.

What happened to HealthGrades?

In 2009, Healthgrades worked with over 400 hospitals in the United States. An affiliate of Vestar Capital Partners, a private equity firm, acquired Healthgrades in 2010. Healthgrades merged with CPM Marketing Group, a Madison, Wisconsin based company that provides customer relationship management solutions to hospitals.

What is the best hospital in Houston?

Houston Methodist Hospital is a medical facility located in Houston, TX. This hospital has been recognized for America's 50 Best Hospitals Award™, America's 250 Best Hospitals Award™, and more.

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