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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HealthGrades?

NEW! Telehealth Resource Center Central to our mission of providing transparency to healthcare consumers, Healthgrades evaluates hospital quality, provides ratings and awards in our hospital and physician profiles, and publishes a series of reports about healthcare quality in America’s hospitals.

Who is the founder of HealthGrades?

Kerry Hicks founded Healthgrades in 1998. Prior to founding Healthgrades, Hicks served as CEO of its predecessor company, Specialty Care Network. In 2008, Healthgrades acquired Ailjor, an online healthcare directory.

What is @HealthGrades search and account tools?

Healthgrades search and account tools are where quality meets convenience. Filter your search to find doctors who meet your family’s appointment needs, from on-demand telehealth appointments to online scheduling for in-person appointments.

Why should I give feedback to HealthGrades?

Each year, more than half of Americans who go to a doctor visit Healthgrades. Just as patient ratings and reviews may have helped you find a provider, your constructive feedback helps millions of Healthgrades users like you in their own searches. It only takes a few minutes to tell the Healthgrades community about your experience with a doctor.

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