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Frequently Asked Questions

What does heraldic mean?

heraldic(adj) indicative of or announcing something to come. "the Beatles were heraldic of a new style of music". heraldic, heraldist(adj) of or relating to heraldry.

What's in a S.C.A. heraldic device?

An S.C.A. heraldic device (also known as Arms) is a person's personal logo, equivalent to their signature. It is a heraldic picture that says "this is me; here I am." In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, many people used a unique heraldic picture as their personal Arms. Most places (such as Baronies and Kingdoms) in the Middle Ages also had Arms.

What is a heraldic device?

A heraldic device is made of a number of charges (objects, creatures, or geometric shapes) arranged on a field (or background). Ideally, the result is simple, memorable, and easily identified. To help you create a good device, the heralds restrict the possible colors, poses, and arrangements of charges in your device. they do not restrict...

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