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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Pike Place Market?

Though Pike Place Market is a public market, it is owned by the Pike Place Market Preservation & Development Authority (PDA) which does not receive any city or state funding to operate the Market. Revenues come from the Market’s tenants through rent, utilities, and other property management activities.

Where is the Pike Place Market located?

Location: The Pike Place Market can be found in downtown Seattle off of First Street, by the waterfront. 1501 Pike Place Market/ Seattle, WA 98101. The Pike Place Market is the center piece of Seattle's 17 acre historic section. It is no wonder that The Pike Place Market is extremely popular place for both residents and tourists alike.

Where is Pike Place in Seattle?

The address of Pike Place Market in Seattle is Pike Place Market PDA, 85 Pike Street, Room 500, Seattle, Washington 98101, United States.

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