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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get pay stubs from Home Depot?

Pay stubs are automatically issued while paychecks are issued. Or you can also get it from My apron on the home page. The Home Depot pays every two weeks to their employees. Initially, the payment may be delayed by three weeks, but gradually, payment time is adjusted.

Does HomeDepot pay weekly?

Home Depot pays bi-weekly. It depends on when you started work during that particular pay period. Pay periods are from Monday through Sunday of a two week period, with payday the following Friday. The pay is biweekly so you get paid the 2nd Friday from your start date.

Does Home Depot drug test their employees?

Home Depot tests every one of its more than 90,000 employees nationwide for drug use -- from its CEO down to the clerk who helps customers select nails and lumber -- before they are hired or promoted.

What is Home Depot affiliate program?

The Home Depot Affiliate Program is a great opportunity to help your website earn commissions while promoting the most successful nationally-known home improvement retailer. Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing that allows a website owner to earn commissions on qualified sales it refers to

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