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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Honda lawn mower smoking?

Black smoke emitted from a lawn mower engine is typically an indication that the gasoline to air ratio is too rich. The mower is probably consuming far more gasoline than it should during operations. Black smoke is also an indicator that oil has found its way into the cylinder, and the mower is trying to burn it along with the fuel.

What kind of oil does my Honda lawn mower use?

Because lawn mowers are not used in sub-zero temperatures, Honda and Mobile Oil both recommend standard 10W-30 oil for your Honda lawn mower. SAE 30-weight oil is in the middle of the SAE ratings.

How long does a Honda lawn mower last?

A quality lawn mower should last between eight and 10 years, while a cordless mower's battery should last around five years.

How do you tune a lawn mower?

Loosen the air filter cover screw and drop the cover down. Pull out the old air filter and press in the new one (make sure the paper pleats are facing out). Replace the cover and firmly tighten the cover screw. It's just plain smart to tune up your lawn mower every spring.

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