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Frequently Asked Questions

What does honey badger stand for?

It’s called “honey” for its taste for bee larva found in honeycombs. “Badger” is from the French word for “dig”. Adult honey badgers stand between 9 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder, and weigh 20-to 35 pounds. Females are slightly smaller, and weigh 10 to 20 pounds on the average.

What makes honey badgers so special?

11 Fierce Facts About the Honey Badger THEIR NAME MEANS "HONEY EATER OF THE CAPE." Mellivora capensis is the species' formal name, but you can go ahead and judge a honey badger by its common name. ... THEY'RE SKUNK-LIKE. Aside from their physical similarities, the honey badger also boasts a dangerous gland at the base of its tail containing a stinky liquid. ... THEY CAN DIG LIKE CRAZY. ... More items...

Why do honey badgers eat honey?

Honey badgers will eat honey, from which they get their name, and will actually raid bee hives to get a fix. They also eat insects, small mammals, frogs, tortoises, rodents, as well as berries, roots and bulbs.

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