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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hospira Lifecare PCA?

The Hospira Lifecare PCA was designed to help prevent medication error, with its a new feature of an integrated bar code reader. This allows the medical provider a way to verify the drugs and levels of infusion needed for each patient.

Where is the Lifecare PCA infusion system used?

The LifeCare PCA Infusion System is used in a wide range of clinical settings that includes but is not limited to the following: Product Description The primary drug safety features of the LifeCare PCA Infuser device are the Hospira MedNet Software and the barcode reader that are designed to enhance patient safety and automate drug identification.

What is the Lifecare pcatm infusion system with Hospira MEDNET software?

The LifeCare PCATMInfusion System with Hospira MedNetTM Software allows clinicians to administer, or patients to self- administer, analgesia safely and effectively within clinician programmed limits and/or hospital-defined medication limits.

What happens if you don’t use Hospira PCA vials?

•Failure to use Hospira vials and Hospira PCA infuser sets with the integral anti-siphon valve may cause an inaccurate dose delivery to the patient. •The system must be primed prior to purging. Remove all air from the vial before placing it into the infuser.

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