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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best web hosting for blogs?

Here’s a quick list of the current leaders in regards to best blog hosting sites for WordPress blogs and websites alike: BlueHost. Clean and fresh, BlueHost is the minimalists approach to web hosting. BlueHost is the Pete Sampras to HostGator’s Agassi.

How do I create a website on azure?

In order to create a new website in Azure: Open Azure Portal. In the left side pane, Click on New button. Choose Web + Mobile tab. Press on See All button in order to see all available services. You will see there are 2 option for create a new website.

What is Microsoft Azure hosting?

Microsoft Azure Hosting. Microsoft Azure hosting gives you the security and flexibility to expand and develop your online presence and customer care; while knowing that your business is in safe hands. And the best part, it that the Azure hosting service is all at a minimal cost.

What is an Azure web app service?

Why use the built-in authentication? Azure App Service allows you to integrate a variety of auth capabilities into your web app or API without implementing them yourself. It's built directly into the platform and doesn't require any particular language, SDK, security expertise, or even any code to utilize. You can integrate with multiple login providers. ...

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