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Frequently Asked Questions

What is @hostingpower? - Rooms for Students. Hosting Power was founded in Dublin in 2014 with one aim; to help Students make the most of their studies or internship. Since then, Hosting Power has been Home for thousands of Students in Ireland.

What does a hosting power agent do?

A Hosting Power Agent carries out a check on every room to ensure it meets a high standard, either in person or via multiple communication with the hosts. We set and provide a set of house rules for you and your host designed to make your living arrangement more harmonious.

What kind of accommodation does hosthosting power offer?

Hosting Power offers a wide variety of accommodation choices for students and professionals, focusing on offering great comfort and privacy. You are guaranteed access to the kitchen in order to prepare and eat their own meals and will have use of the washing machine to do their laundry. Here are the 4 accommodation types we offer:

How do I search for a room on hostpower?

On, enter your city destination and select your check in and check out dates, then Click on "Find a Room". 2. You can also use the filters to narrow down your search. Click "Advanced Search" to see all available filters. Select the option of your choice and then click on Search. 3.

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