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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hosted shopping cart?

Hosting shopping carts are hosted by the company who created them. You pay a monthly fee and in return the company deals with all of the hosting, security, updates, etc so you can get on with the business of running your store. The two downsides to these types of eCommerce shopping carts are the monthly cost and the reduced flexibility.

What is shopping cart and ecommerce tools does iPage offer?

It allows eCommerce businesses to set up online stores, sell personalized merchandise, add shopping carts, and process payments via a unified platform. iPage enables professionals to create multiple email addresses with a single domain, automatically respond to user emails, and streamline email forwarding activities.

What is open source shopping cart?

Open source shopping cart software is an attractive option. Storeowners might look to open source ecommerce software because it will typically deliver the features and tools to manage a product catalog on a website without the hefty licensing fees that come with proprietary or off-the-shelf packages.

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