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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manually add Hostinger email address to Outlook?

Want to manually add your Hostinger email address to Outlook? It’s easy and quick – simply grab your IMAP and SMTP configuration details from hPanel. Then, open the mail client and add a new email account. Enter the details into their respective fields. If you encounter any errors, reset your password and input the parameters one more time.

How do I forward emails from my Hostinger email account?

If you have a Hostinger email account, you can take advantage of the Email Forwarders feature built into hPanel to automatically forward emails. Here’s how: Open the hPanel and go to Emails -> Email Forwarders. For the Custom Email address field, type in the email address attached to your hosting account.

What ports does POP3 use to send email?

These are the ports that POP3 uses to establish a connection with an email server: Port 110 – non-encrypted port. Port 995 – SSL/TLS port, also known as POP3S.

How do I Configure my email account with different hosting providers?

Different hosting providers have different configuration processes. If you are a Hostinger user, navigate to your control panel and scroll down to the Emails section. After you click on Email Accounts, scroll down a bit to see the information you need under Email details.

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