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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there email sending limits for shared hosting?

In order to combat spam, most shared hosting providers impose email sending limits. Some companies enforce hourly limits, while other providers have hourly and daily limits. Additionally, these limits can vary depending on whether you send e-mail through WebMail or via SMTP.

How many emails can I send and receive on Bluehost?

Take a look above at our list of hosts and their sending limits, or read below for more details about each host’s email policy. Bluehost’s limit is per email account. This means that you can send up to 5 * 750 = 3,750 emails per hour, or 90,000 emails per day, on their basic shared hosting plan.

How many emails can you send on A2 hosting?

Assuming you create the maximum number of mailboxes allowed on the cheapest plan, you get to send up to 2,500 emails per hour and up to 25,000 emails per day. A2 Hosting is on our list of hosts with the highest Inode limits, and they also secured a spot in our ranking of web hosts with the best concurrent database connection limits.

What are the limitations of listlist SMTP?

List over 5000 emails aren't allowed, unless you use Elastic Email or SendGrid. Note: Does not support third party SMTP, except for Elastic Email and SendGrid. Due to this limitation, you should not use Hotmail as smtp server.

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