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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up Hostinger email account?

Enter your SMTP server details, username, and the password you’ve used to create your Hostinger email account. Once done, click Add Account. Check your mailbox by logging in using Hostinger Webmail to open the confirmation email. Click on the given link to finish the process.

How do I change the default email address in Hostinger?

If you want to use your Hostinger email account to send emails by default, you can change it under the “Set default From address” section. Click Save. You can now use your account to send, receive, and manage your Hostinger email messages.

How do I Sync my Hostinger email account with Outlook?

Once you’ve access to your account, click the Settings (cogwheel) button on the upper right corner. Click View all Outlook settings. Go to Mail and then Sync Mail. Select the Other email accounts option. Enter your Hostinger email address and password. Under Advanced settings, tick the box that says “Manually configure account settings”.

What is Hostinger webmail and how do I use it?

Any email address you’ve created is accessible via a webmail client that allows you to read, compose, send, and receive emails using your desktop or mobile device You may add the following link as a bookmark to your web or mobile browser and access your inbox quickly at any time. Just visit Hostinger Webmail and log in using your credentials.

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