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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are missionmission partners?

Mission Partners, a strategic communications firm and B Corp, are the trusted advisors for many nonprofits in communications and development consulting. E xplore how transformative ideas take hold with the Mission Forward podcast.

How does the IC carry out its mission?

The IC’s activities are governed by the Constitution and numerous laws and regulations. Of primary importance is Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities. Most recently amended... To carry out its mission, the IC relies heavily on collaboration among its constituent elements and with external partners.

What is the mission of the International Missionary Corps?

Work with nationals to share Jesus in homes during a short-term mission trip. Give to equip and enable our staff and leaders around the world to make disciples of all nations. Our Mission: Equipping and enabling believers worldwide to conduct church-based evangelism projects to reach unbelievers and make disciples.

How does the intelligence community partner with external groups?

The Intelligence Community partners with numerous external groups to achieve its mission. The Office of Partner Engagement (PE) , within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, focuses on helping the IC to integrate, coordinate, and collaborate with its many domestic, international, military, and private sector partners.

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