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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different mapping methods used in icimapping?

Two mapping methods can be conducted in IciMapping, i.e. single marker analysis (SMA), and the traditional inyterval mapping (SIM). 142 10.3.1 Parmeters for SMA (Single Marker Analysis)  LOD Threshold: the threshold LOD score to declare significant SDL which is determined by manual input. 10.3.2 Parameters for SIM (Simple Interval Mapping)

What is QTL icimapping?

QTL IciMapping: Integrated software for genetic linkage map construction and quantitative trait locus mapping in biparental populations. Abstract. QTL IciMapping is freely available public software capable of building high-density linkage maps and mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) in biparental populations.

What is the default marker type in icimapping?

In IciMapping, 2 was used to represent the marker type of the first parent (P1), 0 for the second parent (P2), 1 for the F1 marker type, and -1 for any missing markers. Any missing markers will be assigned values based on the types of their neighboring markers.

How do I draw graphs using ICIM for additive mapping?

Click tool bar or ICIM for additive mapping in the Figures menu to draw graphs from the ICIM-ADD method. A new window with the title “[Graph] ICIM for additive mapping - …” will be open (Figures 4.7 and 4.8). Tool bars are available to change the figure format. Purposes of these tool bars are explained in Figure 4.8.

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