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Frequently Asked Questions

What can ICM do?

ICM has developed a magnetically held robot specifically to climb and clean Boiler Tube Walls in power plants. ICM machines can be employed on an array of dangerous missions, such as: lead paint removal, surface decontamination, removal of radiological, chemical and biological agents.

What is icicm technology?

ICM has developed a technology to radically alter how elevated height work is performed. Our portable, remote-controlled devices can scale virtually any vertical or inverted surface, and, because they are operated safely from the ground, humans are not exposed to dangerous heights or to dangerous chemical or toxin environs.

How many teachers does IC3 have?

While most daycare facilities meet minimum state requirements by placing one teacher, a teacher’s assistant and an aide in each classroom, IC3 provides two qualified full time teachers and one teacher’s assistant in every classroom. Our committed staff offer child development expertise and meet or exceed NAEYC recommendations.

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