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Frequently Asked Questions

When is ICMI Contact Center Expo 2022?

Now is the time to share your experience and become a speaker at ICMI's Contact Center Expo: A Digital Experience in April 2022. Sign up now to receive the latest event announcements, exclusive content downloads, discount offers, and Global Contact Center Awards news! Get Notified on All 2022 Event News!

Why sign up for ICMI's 2022 event?

Sign up now to receive notifications on our 2022 event line up, exclusive content downloads, awards program, and special offers. Registered attendees can now access ICMI's Contact Center Expo: A Digital Experience until December 31, 2021.

What is icicmi 2022?

ICMI 2022 Objectives Increase understanding of systemic and mucosal immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination Highlight therapeutic approaches to infections and diseases that affect mucosal sites Be able to compare and contrast mucosal immune responses in distinct mucosal tissue types

Who are the ICMI community?

98% of the ICMI Community are contact center decision makers and influencers, charged with the mission of evaluating, implementing and purchasing customer care products and solutions.

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