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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the icmizer 3 Pro subscription?

This special price of $152.99 gets you the Yearly Pro ICMIZER 3 subscription, with all of the new features listed above. Also included in the software package are tools that should be familiar to ICMIZER users, and will revolutionize tournament strategy for new users. Those tools include the SNG coach feature, updated for ICMIZER 3.

Can I get a refund for icmizer?

Poker players from all over the world enjoy ICMIZER, and we are positive that you too will be satisfied with our software. But if you feel that ICMIZER is not suitable for you for any reason, you will get a full refund. Not applicable to monthly subscriptions. ?

How do I use icmizer for tournaments?

You can use ICMIZER to figure out spots in single table tournaments as well as MTTs. If you’re looking for answers for SNGs, you can simply use the main screen interface to set up the number of players, their stack sizes, and blind levels.

How many hands should you call with when using icmizer?

In fact, the software suggests calling with quite a few hands but even then the range isn’t as wide as you’d expect. This is because ICMIZER focuses on the cash value of your stack, which doesn’t increase all that much if you double here. If you bust, however, it instantly becomes zero.

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