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Frequently Asked Questions

How can bubble factors help you with ICM?

Understanding and estimating Bubble Factors will help you to play a smarter poker strategy in difficult high-pressure ICM situations. Learn how to perform ICM calculations in multi-table tournaments when two or more tables are remaining or even at the MTT bubble with ICMIZER.

What's new in icmizer 3?

In ICMIZER 3.13.0 update, we've added new MTT stages in SNG Coach quizzes. Now, you can practice push/fold not only at the final table but also at the pre-final table, bubble stage, or middle stage of a multi-table tournament. There are good ways to use ICMIZER and there are bad ones.

How do you calculate bubble factor in poker?

We can now calculate the bubble factor according to this formula: 29.23/(40.16-29.23)= 29.23 / 10.93 = 2.67. So in this tournament situation winning 4000 chips only adds 10.93% of tournament prize pool to BB player. But losing costs him 29.23% of prize pool, even though the chips that he wins or loses are the same.

Why icmizer for 6-max tournaments?

Spin & Gold 6-max tournaments have at least two different payouts, a fast paced nature, and a lot of push/fold preflop action. That's why ICMIZER, with its ICM and FGS models, is the right tool to craft a winning strategy for winning in the new tournaments.

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