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Frequently Asked Questions

Does icmizer 3 support fgs2 or fgs3?

Currently, ICMIZER 3 allows using the FGS model with depths 1 through 6. With FGS 2 it looks 2 hands ahead, with FGS 1 it looks only 1 hand ahead, so it is faster. The recommended depth setting is the number of players at the table minus one, making it FGS5 for 3 players, FGS3 for 4 players, FGS4 for 5 players.

What is icmizer's future game simulation option?

So, you can use ICMIZER to go even one step further thanks to the Future Game Simulation (FGS) option. Future Game Simulations are capable of “looking ahead” and coming up with even deeper insights and suggestions that go beyond just basic ICM calculations based on table dynamics, blockers, etc.

What is icmizer?

ICMIZER performs the most accurate ICM calculations taking into account each of the 169 possible starting hands. The most popular SNG tournament types are already preset for you. Use the loaded hands with ease.

What is @CFR in icmizer 3?

CFR is a multipurpose Nash calculation algorithm name which stands for Counterfactual Regret Minimization. The new range editor in ICMIZER 3 allows entering individual weights with ease for hands when editing ranges.

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