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Frequently Asked Questions

What is icicmizer?

ICMIZER is a poker simulator designed to assist in making the right preflop decision in the latter stage of the tournament, when only two options remain: to fold or to go all-in.

How much does icmizer 3 cost?

Through September 30, save 15 percent off ICMIZER 3. This special price of $152.99 gets you the Yearly Pro ICMIZER 3 subscription, with all of the new features listed above. Also included in the software package are tools that should be familiar to ICMIZER users, and will revolutionize tournament strategy for new users.

When should I use icmizer?

ICMIZER will provide its maximum advantage in the latter stage of the game, when the players' effective stack is below 20 blinds, and only two possible actions remain: push or fold. Can I use ICMIZER during a tournament?

How do I use icmizer for tournaments?

You can use ICMIZER to figure out spots in single table tournaments as well as MTTs. If you’re looking for answers for SNGs, you can simply use the main screen interface to set up the number of players, their stack sizes, and blind levels.

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