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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get icmizer for free?

First, you can make use of the free trial by following these instructions: Click the Try ICMIZER button below. Enter the required data to create a free account. Download and install the ICMIZER software on your PC. Log into ICMIZER, load a file with hand histories, and start getting better at poker.

What is icmizer suite?

ICMIZER Suite is a 3-in-1 professional poker software suite including ICMIZER (Preflop ICM/FGS Nash Calculator), SNG Coach (personal Push/Fold Coach) and hand history Replayer. Looking for the Mac desktop apps?

What's new in icmizer 3?

Test the free version of ICMIZER 3 right now! Thanks to a new CFR+ calculation engine and our innovative FGS model that takes into account the dynamic movement of blinds, ICM model for MTT tournaments and for calculating chips in Chip EV mode.

What is icicmizer?

ICMIZER is a poker simulator designed to assist in making the right preflop decision in the latter stage of the tournament, when only two options remain: to fold or to go all-in.

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