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Frequently Asked Questions

What is icmizer 3 Nitro?

That’s why we’re developing ICMIZER 3 NITRO—a premium offering for those who expect nothing but the very best. The unrelenting ICMIZER 3 NITRO will bring you ultimate calculation speeds in a high-performance cloud, among many other benefits.

What is icmizer?

With the purchase of ICMIZER, you're getting convenient access to complex calculations that are beyond the brain's capacity. This product is the result of our innovating research in the field of tournament poker, a colossal effort that has taken us 7 years and counting.

What is icmizer and SNG coach?

ICMIZER is indispensable for anyone who wants to earn more in tournament poker. The lower your current level, the more benefit you can extract from our software, and the faster you will reach new limits. Hello! My name is Valentin Kuzub. I am the creator of the ICMIZER and SNG Coach poker software. Here are a few facts about me.

What types of tournaments can icmizer be used for?

MTT and SNG tournaments, as well as MTTSNG and Spin & Go (including tournaments with knockouts or progressive knockouts). Who is the software intended for? ICMIZER is suitable for poker players of all levels. The lower your current level of knowledge and skill, the more benefit you will extract from using the software.

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