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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the icmizer 3 replayer?

The ICMIZER 3 Replayer is a hand-replayer with which you can replay any played tournament hand from all major poker rooms and networks (PokerStars, Fulltilt, iPoker, 888, Merge, Microgaming, Winamax, WPN, Bovada). It calculates equity on each street for all players and hints which hands can be effectively reviewed.

How to divide hands by tournament type in icmizer?

If you play in different types of tournaments, you need to divide your marked hands by tournament type using the tracker filters and then upload them to ICMIZER by tournament types. We will review three popular poker trackers - Holdem Manager 2, Holdem Manager 3 and PokerTracker 4 .

How do I export hand histories from icmizer?

If you need a specific tag, choose it from the list next to "Show Marked Hands Only". To select all the hands in the hands view, press Ctrl+A, then right-click on any selected hands and click on Export Hand Histories. Choose the folder where PT4 will save the file with the selected hands. 3. Open ICMIZER 3.

How do I use icmizer for MTT?

For MTT, we recommend using only ICM %EV or ICM $EV calculations. Then click on Paste hand history and Load them. Copied from Holdem Manager 3 hands are loaded to ICMIZER and ready for calculation. If any of the loaded hands match for automatic analysis, they will be analyzed immediately.

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