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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in icmizer 3?

ICMIZER 3 allows for analysis of traditional SNGs, as well as Spin & Go, Knockout, Progressive Knockout and multi-table tournaments. The MTT analyzer tool is a new feature in this latest ICMIZER update.

How to use icmizer 3 to improve your poker skills?

Press the "Load them" button. ICMIZER 3 begins the quick and automatic process of filtering through hands and finding your push/fold mistakes. ICMIZER 3 will analyze and sort your hands based on the size of the mistake. You will learn what the correct play was and thus improve your tournament poker skill.

How do I use the icmizer 3 SNG coach?

The ICMIZER 3 SNG Coach is a new and effective way to improve your SNG/MTTSNG and MTT push/fold skills. It shows your current skill level and even allows you to compare your skill level with other players who use SNG Coach. 1. You choose the tournament type you want to train.

What is icmizer's future game simulation option?

So, you can use ICMIZER to go even one step further thanks to the Future Game Simulation (FGS) option. Future Game Simulations are capable of “looking ahead” and coming up with even deeper insights and suggestions that go beyond just basic ICM calculations based on table dynamics, blockers, etc.

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