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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'icymi' mean?

ICYMI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “ In Case You Missed It ”. You use “ICYMI” when you are informing people about something they might have missed. For example: “ Here’s the video everyone’s talking about, ICYMI.” It saves a lot of characters and gives you an excuse to re-share your existing content.

What does icymi mean in slang?

The slang word ICYMI stands for the short form of “In Case You Missed It”. ICYMI is used in chatting or texting messages or even in emails as a reminder of something. ICYMI is used to indicate just in case someone has missed going through something.

What does icymi mean in text?

ICYMI means “in case you missed it”. It is an acronym that has been used online for ages – in email, IRC, messaging, etc. ... ICYMI meaning is “in case you missed it” and is used when informing someone of something that has happened in the past.

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