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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure IMAP SSL email account?

How to setup a Secure SSL/TLS IMAP email account on your Android 5 Lollipop Mobile Phone Tap on the App Drawer on your Home Screen: Select the Email Application from your list: Enter your E-Mail Address and tap Manual Setup: In this tutorial we are creating an IMAP account, therefore ensure the IMAP option is selected here: I Enter your Password and tap Next: The next screen is the Incoming server settings. ... More items...

How to change an email account from/to POP/IMAP?

Change your email setup from POP to IMAP Make a local backup of your email. Start by making a local backup of your emails on your computer. ... Disable your POP account. Next, you need to disable the POP account in your email client to make sure that it cannot connect to the server. Set up your account with IMAP. ... Move your emails to your IMAP account. ... Remove the POP account from your email client. ...

How to update Comcast email settings?

On the Account Settings window, select the account you're trying to troubleshoot and select Change. On the Change Account window, check the Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server settings against those from your email provider or the reference article. If it's different, update the settings.

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